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New Drink
August 17, 2007, 8:20 pm
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Jason was trying to create a strawberry sidecar, but it didn’t work out. He decided to change course and he will now offer a classic strawberry dacquiri. We’re going to order several flats of Billy Allstot’s  strawberries to puree and freeze for the dacquiris.

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Libation Fever Bubbles Through the House
August 11, 2007, 9:20 pm
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My guys are brewing some fun beverages. Jason Carp is the lead server and he’s in charge of the cocktail menu. The other night, he called me from home to ask if one of the chefs could make a puree of strawberries so that he could experiment the next day. He was so inspired by the sweetness of the berries that he wanted to make a strawberry Sidecar. He’s going to call it Sidecar Billy after Billy Allstot, whose farm is the source of the strawberries.

We now have an organic vodka. It’s called Square One. The company is based in the Bay Area, but the vodka is distilled in Rigby, Idaho, from organic rye grown in North Dakota. The secret fermentation process creates a clean, smooth vodka.

James Lawton, my lead cook, has brewed his own kombucha, which we are serving now. It’s a refreshing elixir that claims many health properties and is supposed to be good for your digestion. According to James, who is studying for a food science degree, the commercial brands of kombucha tend to taste really acidic, like vinegar. The version he’s made tastes like lychees. It’s smooth and refreshing. He starts by brewing tea — we use teas from Remedy Teas — and when the tea has cooled, he adds a kombucha culture (which is a mushroom culture). He covers the jar with cheesecloth and then, depending on the temperature in the kitchen, the finished product is available in seven to 30 days.

Stop by to taste our kombucha soon!


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