Tilth Restaurant

Monday Menu — Loki Fish


Four-course prix-fixe, $45; $20 wine pairings

Caramelized Red Onion Soup
crispy salmon belly, grapefruit, shallot jam

Salmon Rillette
smoked olive oil, yuzu, micro greens

Pan Seared Salmon
sumac risotto, baby carrots, escarole

Spiced Hot Chocolate
chocolate chip cookies, mint


Since 1979, Pete Knutson and his wife, Hing Lau Ng, have fished the waters of Southeast Alaska and Puget Sound. Along the way, Knutson, who is also a PhD professor in anthropology at Seattle Central Community College, taught his two sons, Jonah and Dylan, the importance of respecting the sea and the beautiful salmon that they bring to the market. All the fish are caught, immediately processed and chilled to below freezing in order to maintain the pristine quality of the flesh. Then, the catch is flown back to Seattle within 48 hours of harvest, where people can buy the fish at a number of farmers markets and at the West Wall at Fishermen’s Terminal.