Tilth Restaurant

Special Dinner for Salmon-Safe


We will be featuring Salmon-Safe for our September 29 menu. Please see the menu below.

Homage to Salmon-Safe
September 29, 2008
$45 prix fixe; $20 wine pairings

Parsnip-Apple Soup

smoked salmon mousse, beets, fennel

Oxbow Farms Lettuce
pickled carrots, white cucumbers, goat cheese vinaigrette

Pan-Seared Sockeye Salmon
red quinoa, edamame, carrot puree

Ricotta-Orange Honey Semifreddo
candied orange zest, pistachio, short bread cookie

About Salmon-Safe:
Salmon-Safe is a non-profit organization that restores agricultural and urban watersheds to preserve the spawning grounds for salmon. It certifies farms that are deemed environmentally sound and therefore safe for fish. Tilth is happy to support Salmon-Safe and Salmon-Safe-certified farms, including Oxbow Farms, Full Circle Farms, Fresh Breeze Organic Dairy and Growing Things Farm.

Sous chef
Larkin Young

Maria Hines