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New Vegan Menu
September 9, 2008, 9:54 pm
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To All My Vegan Friends!

Starting now, I’ll be putting together a vegan tasting menu that will change every month.

I recently had lunch with one of my best friends, Eric, who has been vegan for over a year. Eating together at the table has always been a big part of our social time. Since then, I’ve been introduced to some delicious and some not so delicious vegan meals. From my omnivore perspective, I feel kind of bad about the limited full service restaurant options that are out there for those who commit to this honorable, animal friendly, carbon footprint-reducing, vegan diet. So in honor of all vegans, I’ll be putting something special together, just for you every month!

The menu will be inspired by the seasons and will be delicious enough for an omnivore to devour.  We’ll start with whole organic foods from local sources and cook them simply to let their flavors shine through!

I’ll be posting them on the blog the first of every month, so you can see what’s new!


Tilth Vegan Menu
September 2008

Smoked Date Tatin 3/7
Crostini, sherry gastrique, chive

Oxbow Farm Lettuces 7/13
mustard vinaigrette, french breakfast radish, hazelnut

King’s Garden French Melon 7/12
anise hyssop, black pepper, olive oil

Spelt Berry Risotto 12/23
Corn milk, romano bean, heirloom tomato

Bluebird Grain Farms Farro 12/23
sorrel, sweet pepper, baby artichoke

Billy Allstot Farm Peaches 6
fresh fig, peach coulis, mint

Maria Hines

Sous Chef
Larkin Young

* Consuming raw or undercooked foods may increase your risk of food-borne illness. Please note there is no organic certification for “wild” foods. Food items that are underlined may contain an ingredient that is not certified organic.



As a vegan- thank you thank you. You are absolutely right…options vegan dining wise are few and far between. I look forward to coming to Tilth and trying out these new monthly vegan menus. Your interest and effort in this direction is greatly appreciated.

Comment by Cherie

You rock! Although just vegetarian, I too am trying to find ways to consume fewer animal products. I love Tilth! This gives me a reason to visit more often. I’m off to make a reservation!

Comment by Kenyon

thank you SOOOOO much. I am calling to make reservations now!!!! You rock!!!

Comment by mary

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