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A Belated Welcome to Larkin Young
July 11, 2008, 6:58 pm
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I haven’t formally welcomed Larkin Young to the house. Larkin is our new sous chef and he’s been with us a couple of months. He grew up in Remer, Minnesota, in a food-loving family. His dad would make bread and jam. Apparently, to get Wonder Bread was a treat.

Larkin had a double major in water resource management and hydrology. But he discovered his true calling after his sister, who’s a chef, got him a pantry job in a mom-and-pop restaurant. He moved to Seattle about eight years ago and has worked at a number places including the Salish Lodge, The Oceanaire, and the now defunct Lowell Hunt Catering. He also worked for two years at 26 Brix in Walla Walla before joining Tilth.

We love having Larkin, because he brings an awareness of the very trendy molecular gastronomy and, because he wasn’t molded by formal culinary education, he brings an openness to his style of cooking. He’s a bright one in the kitchen. He’s in charge of creating the Monday night Homage to Local Producers menus, so come and check it out.

For fun, Larkin enjoys mushroom foraging, biking and, my personal favorite, rock climbing.

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