Tilth Restaurant

Monday Nights at Tilth


Homage to Local Producers
February 18, 2008

Fresh Breeze Dairy
Lynden, WA

Yukon Potato and Olive Oil Soup
crème fraiche, breadcrumbs, chive

Hedgehog Mushroom Flan
watercress, fried shallot, parmesan

Braised Washington Chicken
ricotta gnocchi, swiss chard, pine nut

Whole Milk Ice Cream
waffle crisp, vanilla gel

About Fresh Breeze Organic Dairy

Fresh Breeze Organic Dairy is located in Lynden, Washington, on land passed down from Grandpa Blankers to grandson Shawn Langley and his wife, Clarissa. The milk and cream that come from Fresh Breeze are vat-pasteurized, which means the milk is heated to 145 degrees, held for 30 minutes and then immediately cooled to 39 degrees. Unlike commercial pasteurization processes that heat the milk to much  higher temperatures, vat pasteurization destroys any potential pathogens without compromising the good proteins and rich flavor in the milk.

Chef de Cuisine
Dana Tough

Maria Hines